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Interested in vintage computers?

No? Well I am. So you’ll hear a fair bit about them this semester. Check out the Computer History Museum and you may be surprised at what you find.

Having background knowledge about the history of computer design can lead you to make some interesting conclusions about our current technological experience (and what the future might bring), and you’ll find you have more interesting things to say about your iPhone than, “I like it, it’s pretty.”

From Jacquard Looms to New Zealand water-fueled national economic calculators, to the clunky little 185K Macintosh we discussed in class, and beyond - find out what technological goodies we (you / me?) missed out on. The Computer History Museum used to have a crappy old website but they’ve really improved it recently and it is FULL of resources and online exhibitions. Great pics too. Bam. So easy. 

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